• During the upcoming May 15 Council meeting, Mayor Lovatt will motion for reconsideration of Council directives stemming from Report No. LCS-015-23 – Cenotaph Relocation and Tank Donation.
  • Council members are expected to revise their decisions regarding the potential acceptance of and placement choice for a donated Leopard tank, as well as the future site for a new memorial space inclusive of the Town’s cenotaph.
  • A two-thirds majority vote will be necessary to reopen the item.
  • If Council approves, members of the public should to be permitted to depute on the item and present their views, as per the Procedural By-Law.
  • However, members of the public are not permitted to speak to the Motion to Reconsider.
  • The meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. on May 15 in Council Chambers.


The report under potential reconsideration triggered a contentious decision in December to accept a decommissioned Leopard tank for display, courtesy of the Department of National Defence. The approved plan entailed the potential removal of the Stouffville Horticultural Society’s 150th Canadian Anniversary Commemorative Garden, as the tank was intended to be placed alongside Stouffville’s cenotaph at the garden’s Memorial Park location.

Significant community opposition to the tank installation and garden removal prompted Mayor Lovatt to table a motion calling for public consultation, effectively pausing the plan. The Town subsequently conducted a public survey, which garnered nearly 1,100 responses.

Bullet Point News reached out to the Town requesting the complete survey results in anticipation of Wednesday’s meeting, however we were told that “other data is not available to share at this time.” We also asked whether “an item being reconsidered is open to public deputants after a Motion to Reconsider has been supported by Council.”

“The Town Clerk has confirmed that, as per the Procedural By-Law, the notice of reconsideration does not allow the public to speak to it,” the Town replied. “However, should the notice of reconsideration be passed by a two-third majority of Members present, than the report would be back on the floor and members of the public could be permitted to speak.”

Some Stouffville Councillors have offered updated perspectives on the issue, as covered in a piece earlier this year. Given the Town’s efforts to conduct public consultation and a significant portion of Council showing openness to revisiting the issue in Council Chambers, it is anticipated that the Motion to Reconsider will pass.

Information for members of the public wishing to speak to the item in-person or virtually is available here. Correspondence can also be submitted via email.