• Disc golf is a frisbee game based on traditional golf.
  • Across multiple “holes,” players throw frisbees at a distant target. Whoever finishes the course with the least number of throws wins.
  • The concept for a Stouffville course was first presented to Council by Jeff MacKeigan of Chainlink Disc Golf during a December 2020 meeting.
  • The Ken Laushway woodlot is Staff’s preferred location, however they also considered Byers Pond Park, Greenwood Park, and the Lehman’s Pond area.
  • “Successful disc golf courses take advantage of existing vegetation and terrain so users are offered different shot selection and a unique experience,” a recent staff report explains. “Flat, wide-open places without mature trees do not make good disc golf courses, nor those close to active recreational amenities.”
  • Council is set to approve a public information session at their May 17 meeting, and the community can comment on the proposal at both meetings.
  • “I am super excited about finally bringing disc golf to Stouffville,” Mayor Lovatt told Bullet Point News. “This sport is very accessible and can be great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends.”
  • The Town has already budgeted $25,000 for the project and purchased necessary equipment. The remaining funds will be used for installation.
  • Aside from serving as a healthy, outdoor activity for residents, the Town is also hopeful it will attract users from outside the community.

Ken Laushway Woodlot