• In order to accommodate the significant population growth expected over the coming years, Stouffville has initiated a new Parks Plan.
  • The Parks Plan will support parks and recreation decision-making and provide direction for acquiring parkland across Stouffville, as explained on the Town’s website.
  • The Town hopes the new initiative will “guide the development of a well-connected network of parks, trails, and open spaces to support a vibrant and healthy community for all residents and visitors.”
  • Stouffville will assess parkland needs throughout the municipality, reviewing the following:
    • Existing parkland
    • Town property that could be utilized for future parkland
    • Targeted growth areas where the greatest intensification will occur
    • Public spaces not owned by the Town, such as school board property and utility corridors
  • The Parkland Dedication By-law will also be updated through this process.
  • The By-law dictates the obligated rates of parkland provision or cash-in-lieu of parkland provision from developers based on the scale of their project.
  • Phase one of the consultation process is underway, with a survey available until April 30.


The first phase of Stouffville’s Parks Plan consultation process seeks community input on possible goals, priorities, and recommendations. Considerations include enhancing and/or expanding existing parkland, utilizing parkland to meet multifaceted needs and recreational interests of the entire community, and creating active transportation links to form a unified parks and open spaces system.

The second phase, expected early this summer, will offer further consultation over the initial draft of the Parks Plan—including a public open house. A final copy will then come to Council for approval. In late summer, the updated Parkland Dedication By-law will be tabled.

As part of the Town’s Parkland Dedication By-law update, Stouffville will ensure its acquisition of parkland and collection of cash in lieu of parkland (cash-in-lieu) falls within Provincial policies. Staff will also work to maximize leverage during negotiations with builders to help achieve goals stemming from the new Parks Plan.

Stouffville has a current balance of $8 million in its Parkland Trust. The Trust is fed by cash-in-lieu dollars, which can be spent on park projects and land purchases for new parks. $2 million of that available funding has been set aside for the new Baker Hill Park and the expansion of Civic Square.