Image above: The land acknowledgment plaque at Stouffville’s municipal offices

  • The Town will budget for and implement a recently approved action plan to further local Indigenous reconciliation and education.
  • A communications plan to promote greater awareness of Indigenous lands, history, culture, protocols, and governance is to be drafted, and those perspectives will be further integrated into museum and library programming, Stouffville’s website, and Town-led events.
  • More leadership roles are to be given to Indigenous groups and individuals, and the Town will facilitate increased access to Indigenous residents in Stouffville’s planning and development processes.
  • Stouffville will incorporate greater reconciliation efforts and Indigenous engagement into the Town’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and will consider a stand-alone Indigenous and Reconciliation Working Group and Advisory Circle comprised of Indigenous leaders and representatives.
  • The Town will establish mandatory Indigenous culture and awareness staff training to fill existing knowledge gaps and better inform Town efforts while working with other York municipalities to expand services and programming for Indigenous residents.