• Council has approved the introduction of internet voting for the 2026 municipal election.
  • Voters will now have the option to cast their votes online or continue using traditional paper ballots at physical polling stations.
  • Over 200 municipalities in Ontario, such as Markham, Newmarket, Vaughan, and Aurora, have implemented some form of online voting.
  • Voter turnout was a mere 34.19% in Stouffville’s 2022 election, which was a significant decline of nearly 30% from the 2018 election.
  • The next municipal election is slated for October 26, 2026.


In recent elections, Stouffville has utilized paper ballots verified by optical scan vote tabulators. Election workers place the completed ballots into these machines, which scan for and flag any errors before the votes are tallied. This technology facilitates real-time vote counting, allowing for swift reporting of election results.

For those choosing to vote online, the process will enable participation from any location. Residents will receive Voter Information Packages containing detailed instructions and a personalized PIN to access their online ballots. To enhance security, voters will need to verify their identity, such as by providing their date of birth, and safeguards will be implemented to prevent the casting of multiple ballots.

“The adoption of internet voting, paired with vote tabulator with paper ballots, will provide electors a new, modern, innovative way to vote while still providing a familiar option of voting to those who may not be as comfortable with technology,” the Staff report states.

The Town is also experiencing rising costs related to the recruitment and retention of temporary election workers. The anticipated shift from in-person to online voting could lead to further refinements in the Town’s physical voting procedures and venues.

At the Council meeting on June 26, Councillor Hugo Kroon emphasized the need to boost voter turnout and find a vendor who can offer robust election security. “Although [voter participation] was trending upward…we dropped off sharply the last time around,” he remarked. “That’s very, very concerning for me, and it should be for all of us.”

Staff will look into potential vendors and explore partnerships with nearby municipalities that also offer internet voting. While the financial costs are not yet determined, Staff are confident that the Town’s Elections Reserve will be sufficient to cover expenses.