Mark Carroll

Mayoral Candidate

What does a Mayor do for the people of Stouffville? 
The Mayor and Council of any municipality can effect your everyday life. A Council has the abilities to impose policies and budgets for municipal infrastructure, community programs, sports programs, parks settings, leisure activities, Libraries and much more. There seems to be an endless list of ways local councils can affect you life. As Mayor, you try to lead the council into making those decisions that will best provide for healthy, resilient and sustainable communities.

Why would you be good at this job?
I have a great understanding of how this process works. I have good principals that guide me to lead for the betterment of the community, not for my own interests. I have a professional understanding of the issue that effect us today. Climate change, urban sprawl, protection of our natural environment and a good understanding of how government works. I have been a Municipal Councillor for 6 years, I have advocated for good policies to councils and I have worked for the municipal government for 6 years commenting and drawing up policies that will help communities prosper and I have been a Volunteer Fire Fighter for 18years.. You could say I have been on all sides of the table when it comes to dealing with municipal governments.

What issues are you concerned about?
In nut shell
1. Affordable housing, and better planning of our communities.
2. Increased access to Public Transit.
3. Job creation and clean industry development.
4. Protection of our natural environment.
5. Clear Policy guidelines for development of our Main Street corridor.
6. Policies to help mitigate climate change at the local level.
7. Protection of our heritage districts.
8. Traffic Calming for improved community safety.
9. Emergency Services to keep pace with growth.
10. Council and Staff accountability.

Why should the people of Stouffville share your concerns?
My concerns are the same as theirs. I have lived in Whitchurch-Stouffville for 35 years and have seen what is going on. Every municipality has many of the same concerns. I am just an average resident that wants to help.

Describe what a successful term with you as Mayor would accomplish?
If I can address the above 10 points and set policies in the right direction in regards to these points, then I have done my job.