Melanie Wright

York Region District School Board
Trustee Candidate

What does a School Board Trustee do for the people of Stouffville?

A Trustee is the voice and advocate for the families that live in Stouffville and Aurora. They promote student achievement and well being. They develop, maintain and monitor board policies and use of board recourses. They are members of the Board of Trustees as well as sub committees.

Why would you be good at this job?
I have been a volunteer for school council for 12 years in an executive role, including Chair, Events coordinator, fundraising and public relations. This experience has allowed me to work directly with families, teachers and administrators to build a strong school community through open communication and leadership. This coupled with my managerial experience in customer service is essential to being a strong voice for my electoral area and a committed leader.

What issues are you concerned about?
I am concerned about the lack of funding at schools which is affecting student achievement and well being. I am also concerned about the mandatory online learning component for secondary school students as we have seen over the last couple of years this can have a negative effect on students.

Why should the people of Stouffville share your concerns?
I feel that the majority of families and teachers share my concerns about the current state of our schools in York region.

Describe what a successful term with you as School Board Trustee would accomplish?
A successful term would include building strong relationships with other trustees to increase funding for schools, creating inclusive environments, removing mandatory online learning and improve student well being.