• A nine-storey residential building comprising 80 units has been proposed for 6031 and 6037 Main Street.
  • Through a requested Official Plan Amendment, the applicant aims to integrate the site into the Town’s Western Approach Mixed Use Area.
  • This will allow for increased height and density beyond the existing residential zoning regulations.
  • The combined .285-hectare property boasts 45 meters of Main Street frontage, however no at-grade commercial units have been proposed.
  • The proposal includes 105 parking spaces in a two-level underground garage, equating to just over one space per unit and 20 visitor parking spots.
  • Building access would be limited to right-in and right-out movements from Main Street.
  • A public meeting to present the application will be held in Council Chambers on Wednesday, June 19, at 7 p.m.


According to the application, the building is described as eight storeys; however, a penthouse included in the plans legally categorizes it as nine storeys. The proposed structure would stand at 29 meters tall, include balconies, and cover 45% of the lot area.

Approval of Zoning By-Law amendments would be required to accommodate the proposed height, lot coverage, and reductions in minimum parking and front and side yard requirements.

The lands are currently situated within Existing Residential Area under the Community of Stouffville Secondary Plan. This zoning looks to deliver redevelopment that “ensures new uses are appropriately integrated in a manner compatible with the existing character and density of the area,” according to the Staff report. Permitted residential intensification is limited to townhouse and low-rise apartment buildings.

The requested Official Plan Amendment aims to expand the Town’s Western Approach Mixed Use Area to encompass these parcels and eliminate their Existing Residential Area designation. This adjustment would facilitate intensified development more similar to the mid and high-rise buildings planned for the Main Street growth area spanning roughly between Highway 48 and Ninth Line.

The proposal also diverges from the Town’s newly drafted Official Plan, which is pending final approval from higher levels of government. “New development in the Main Street and Ninth Line Gateway, particularly lands east of Ninth Line, will ensure buildings provide appropriate transition to the adjacent Neighbourhood Area,” the Staff report explains of the Plan’s intent for the area.

Staff have acknowledged the discord between the proposal and existing Town planning policies, outlining their concerns in the report. Recommendations include height reductions and design modifications such as enhanced step-backs to mitigate the proposal’s impact on the surrounding area.

Additionally, Staff are urging the applicant to consider incorporating at-grade commercial and retail units along Main Street, and to explore options for delivering affordable housing. While Parks Staff noted a recognized parkland deficiency in the area, the applicant will provide cash-in-lieu of public parkland.

Residents can speak to the proposal during the Public Planning Meeting on June 19 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers. Correspondence can also be submitted via email to the Town, which will become part of the public record for this application.