• Stouffville is moving forward with the planned expansion of its Civic Square.
  • The project will incorporate recently acquired land at 6343 Main Street, which is slated for demolition.
  • That property will adjoin the existing square to add over 4,000 square feet to the public parcel.
  • The Town will focus on four key areas throughout the project:
    • Creating a welcoming environment by developing a space that is not only easily accessible but also safe, lively, and inviting.
    • Celebrating Stouffville’s heritage by paying homage to and incorporating the town’s cultural legacy.
    • Fostering community identity by establishing a focal point for integrated arts, festivals, and events.
    • Enhancing connectivity by improving pedestrian pathways and introducing amenities meant to boost linkages to the surrounding area.
  • A Public Workshop will be held at 19 On The Park from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 24, 2024.
  • Residents interested in participating are asked to register for the event here.


Council has considered various options for 6343 Main Street since acquiring the property to expand Civic Square, including leasing the building for an added revenue stream and utilizing heritage elements within future land uses.

After exploring alternatives and returning to the original demolition plan, the Town has committed to preserving a small brick building—recognized as one of Stouffville’s oldest existing brick structures—at the rear of the site. They will also investigate other historic elements from the primary 6343 Main building for incorporation within the new Civic Square design.

As promised when the project was first proposed, the Town is initiating a public consultation process to gauge public opinion regarding the future design. That process begins with the April 24 Public Workshop at 19 On The Park.

“The expansion of our urban parkland is a pivotal development as Stouffville continues to grow amidst increasing urban activity,” the Town has stated on the project’s website. “This is a unique opportunity for you to have a direct impact on the transformation of our downtown core.”