• Rail service along the Stouffville GO line will be suspended this weekend, June 8 and 9.
  • GO buses will be in service, making stops at Old Elm, Stouffville, Mount Joy, Markham, Centennial, and Unionville GO stations.
  • After these stops, buses will run express to the Union Station Bus Terminal.
  • Stouffville riders should take the 71C bus route, which will stop at both local stations.
  • GO Bus Route 71E will serve only Union Station, Unionville, Centennial, Markham, and Mount Joy GO stations.
  • Riders needing access to Milliken, Agincourt, and Kennedy GO stations can do so via the TTC.
  • Metrolinx will undertake the second phase of their signalling and track upgrades in preparation for the future double-tracking of the Stouffville GO corridor.
  • For more details, visit Metrolinx’s website.


Stouffville service adjustment June 8-9 full info