• The project proposes a pair of two-storey commercial buildings against Main Street and a 10-storey residential building at the rear of the site.
  • The residential building, as currently proposed, contains 166 units. The project includes underground and at-grade parking for residents and visitors.
  • The development will be planned alongside two in-process projects by the same owner at 5917 Main and 33 Weldon.
  • Town Staff highlighted a need for assurances regarding affordable housing allocations, urban design matching neighbourhood character, available parkland, and streetscape enhancements.
  • Town consultants raised concerns regarding snow storage locations, tree removal and preservation plans, insufficient parking, dewatering, and pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Residents can speak to the proposal at the 7:00 p.m. public meeting on Wednesday, April 26, at 111 Sandiford Drive.
  • Residents can also submit their views and register to speak to the proposal virtually by emailing clerks@townofws.ca.
  • All public input will form part of the public record and inform a future report going to Council regarding the application.
*Cover image is a preliminary LivGreen2 rendering of the residential building; the staff report images below include the proposed site plan and location.
DS-017-23 Attachment 2
DS-017-23 Attachment 1