• Mayor Iain Lovatt, members of Council, Town staff, and the Ballantrae Sports Group broke ground on a new multi-sport dome facility in Ballantrae Park today.
  • Two domes will be constructed with a central clubhouse connecting them: one containing a modular, FIFA-sized soccer field with another multi-sport, hard-court dome able to accommodate six basketball courts.
  • “This has been a dream and a conversation happening since I took office five years ago,” Mayor Lovatt said. “This is a very exciting day.”
  • According to a December 7, 2022 Staff report, the dome intends to unlock increased recreational activities and bridge service gaps following the sale of SoccerCity.
  • Stouffville has provided the parkland to the Ballantrae Sports Group, a for profit sports facilities operator, and their dome for the next 25 years, with all capital and operating costs related to the facility paid for by the Group.
  • Some community members have voiced concerns regarding the public parkland and outdoor sports fields sacrificed to build the privately operated complex.
  • Rental fees for local organizations will align with the Town’s current user fees for similar facilities, and the Town will have some access for Leisure and Community Services programming at no charge.
  • Rental charges for community use outside the above scope will be determined by the facility’s operators.
  • The dome is planned to open this fall.

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