• A packed YCDSB meeting on April 25th saw further conflict regarding 2SLGTBQ+ progress pride flag.
  • 2SLGTBQ+ is a powerful evolving movement which presses for acceptance, inclusion and support from everyone for a myriad of sexual lifestyle identities.
  • 2SLGTBQ+ students are at a higher risk of suicide and self harm, and identity affirmation and supports at school are viewed as a means of reducing threats to such outcomes.
  • The acronym stands for Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual Transgender and Queer with the + meant to include other sexual identity groups that may require acceptance in the future.
  • Parents were kicked out of the boardroom as they refused to remain calm during the first delegation.
  • It was an acrimonious atmosphere outside the boardroom with parents surrounding Paolo De Buono, a teacher who advocates for increasing 2SLGTBQ+ displays, signage and flags in Catholic Elementary and High Schools.
  • “Shame, Shame” can be heard shouted, along with “4-year-olds told they were in the wrong body” by the absolutely irate parents.
  • A statement issued by the YCDSB says, “The YCDSB believes that 2SLGTBQ+ students are loved by God and are valued members of our school communities.”
  • No vote took place on whether the progress pride flag will fly in June but if it does it will clearly not be universally saluted.

Statement from the York Catholic District School Board re April 25 2023 Regular Board Meeting