• The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) has initiated a consultation process to gather input for its Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP).
  • “The MYSP sets strategic priorities and guides the direction of our system for a four-year period,” stated Board Chair Ron Lynn and Director of Education Bill Cober in a recent announcement.
  • The MYSP is structured around four key pillars, as outlined on the Board’s website:
    • Fostering well-being and mental health through safe, healthy, and inclusive learning and working environments
    • Championing equity and inclusivity through the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to remove barriers and support all learners
    • Building collaborative and trusting relationships based on respectful and responsive communication
    • Empowering ethical leadership by focusing on students and upholding Board values
  • YRDSB families and students in Grades 4-12 can participate in the survey, which is available here.
  • The survey will remain open until April 5, 2024.

“I am committed to improving student achievement and well-being, and the Multi-Year Strategic Plan will inform this work,” Melanie Wright, Stouffville’s YRDSB Trustee, told Bullet Point News. “The input and feedback from our families, students, community members, and partners are vital to establishing priorities in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and decision making in the years to come.”

Wright recommends all YRDSB students, families, staff, and community members participate in the online survey, which only takes five minutes. “I look forward to reviewing that feedback and establishing a strong direction for public education in York Region in the years ahead,” she said.