• April is Mathmatics and Statistics Awareness Month, and Bullet Point News sat down with Mathnasium’s Rafael Morales to learn more about why these fields are so important.
  • “There is statistics and mathematics…in every aspect of our lives,” Morales told us. “Math is even in language… Music is math.”
  • Morales also mentioned ChatGPT and our increased focus on artificial intelligence, which utilize statistics and probabilities to analyze data and words and output content.
  • To help boost understanding and awareness, Morales believes math education needs to begin early: “I truly believe that any [toddler], at that very early age, can learn math.”
  • When it comes to older students, Morales says they don’t hate math: what they hate is being confused by it. “Every single kid starts enjoying it once they’re not confused.”
  • Morales and his team at Mathnasium do their best to make math fun.
  • “We have math and logic games, challenges, and raffles and rewards,” Morales told us. “Kids know the importance of math and how fun it is to succeed.”

Listen to our full interview below