• Over a dozen police officers were called in to a second contentious YCDSB board meeting.
  • There were reports of officers in unmarked cars situated around the building, and security guards escorted people to their seats.
  • A proposal mandating Catholic schools fly the 2SLGBTQ1+ flag for the month of June was on the agenda.
  • Parents also spoke to 2SLGBTQ1+ safe space stickers distributed by OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, a union) and addressed the divisive meeting that took place on February 28.
  • Student trustees spoke about their recent open letter requesting a “safer environment” for 2SLGBTQ1+ students to strong applause.
  • However some audience members openly contested student concerns, with one screaming out, “Name one incident!”
  • As a representative from Egale (a 2SLGBTQ1+ activist group) spoke about more inclusivity for 2SLGBTQ1+ students, a large number of attendees walked out of the meeting.
  • A mother of trans student spoke of highly concerning suicide rates among 2SLGBTQ1+ children, emphasizing, “You are loved, you belong.”
  • The room then erupted when the mother mentioned “gender affirming” use of bathrooms, with an audience member yelling, “What about our kids’ safety?”
  • Dominic Scuglia, YCDSB’s Director of Education, said he will consider all speaker delegations and invited further comments be sent directly to him.

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