Laura Cusack

Councillor Candidate | Ward 5

What does a Councillor do for the people of Stouffville?
The role of a Councillor is to manage, oversee and debate all matters related to the management and operations of the Town and to create and adhere to guiding principles with respect to the issues relating to sustained and managed growth. It is the role and responsibility of the Councillor to listen to every resident’s voice and take the resident’s  voices and opinions to Council as their representative within our Municipality.

Why would you be good at this job?
I believe that I would be good at this job as I am highly involved in the community at a very grass roots level and am keenly aware of the challenges and concerns that are shared by so many of our residents. Within my position as the Founder of the Hummingbird Hub I have come to recognize where town resources and services could be far better utilized to address the various needs of so many of our citizens. I feel that my experience within the community and my acute awareness of where people are slipping through the cracks would be a valuable voice on Council and would create change, progress, and security for many of our residents.

What issues are you concerned about?
I share many of the same concerns as most of the residents within our community. I am concerned about the unprecedented rate of growth and I want to ensure that it is effectively managed. I have concerns with respect to the environment and the continual MZO orders being enacted that impact some of our most valuable and protected green lands. I am concerned about the lack of resources and services for many of our newcomers and marginalized residents and I recognize how a responsible Council could designate resources to provide better and more efficient services for this demographic of our community.

Why should the people of Stouffville share your concerns?
I am not asking that the people of Stouffville “share” my concerns, but rather, I share the concerns of so many residents of Stouffville. I talk to many residents daily and they reiterate the same worries and concerns that I have outlined above. As a candidate, and a resident, I share the concerns of the majority of our citizens and hope that in my role as Council member, I will be able to effectively address and resolve many of the concerns that I share with my fellow citizens.

Describe what a successful term with you as Councillor would accomplish?
During my term on Council I would like to accomplish a streamlined and transparent plan and strategy for sustained and responsible growth and ensure that all infrastructure and town services (ie. the fire department) are provided with the adequate direction and resources to be able to properly manage the growth that has already been planned. I would like to ensure that the new builders coming to town provide adequate funding for parkland, improvement of our recreational facilities and the retention of natural features such as ponds and forests. I would like to address the matter of the issues facing our marginalized population and ensure that there are services and resources available to assist them. Predominantly, I want to accomplish the goal of having every one of the residents in my ward come to understand that I am here, I will listen, I will advocate and that they will all in fact have their voice heard at Council.