Sue Sherban

Councillor Candidate | Ward 6

What does a Councillor do for the people of Stouffville?
Councillors, play a legislative role and a constituency role, we are responsible for establishing policies, procedures and by laws manage the town. We are responsible to build parks, turn on the water, build and maintain the roads but most of all provide affordable recreation for the residents through collecting taxes.

Why would you be good at this job?
As in incumbent I have strong municipal experience as a former Councillor and Mayor, so I understand the work and the need to follow procedure to help build a well functioning council to get the work done and I do that through my integrity. I am a strong believer in building an inclusive community which recognizes the changes of diversity in the town and our need to represent all and their cultural ways so we are building a equitable community that all can participate.

What issues are you concerned about?
🚧 Improved neighbourhood road safety
●      speed cameras
●      pedestrian crosswalks
●      radar speed signs

🏘 Controlled development
●      affordable housing
●      protect heritage homes
●      prevent development on protected lands

🍃 Environmental Stewardship
●      protect Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine
●      increase tree planting budget
●      adopt green technology

💰 Attract new investments
●      🚧create good paying local jobs
●      offset residential tax rates
●      invest in a vibrant Main Street

Why should the people of Stouffville share your concerns?
It not that the people of Stouffville should share my concerns it is that I share the voice of the residents in Ward 6 and the town as a whole. As a Councillor I am here to serve the residents and help to build a safe and active community life in Whitchurch-Stouffville.

Describe what a successful term with you as Councillor would accomplish?
I believe a successful term as Councillor would be making the lives of the residents in our community one that they feel they can reach out to me anytime and that I will always respond and help them when they feel no one is listening. That I am able to fulfill the issues that they sent me to office to execute. Everything may not be able to be completed in a one 4 year term, but that there has been work done to move the benchmark to see a long term solution come to completion.