• Stouffville approved a base operating budget of $67,443,950 and capital budget of $26,776,000.
  • The following tax levy increases were approved for 2023, totalling 9.04%:
    • 3% for the Capital Dedicated Levy needed to fund capital plans and build reserves.
    • 2.94% for an increase of $1,094,720 to the Town’s base operating budget.
    • 0.91% supporting a 1.9% cost of living adjustment for non-unionized staff, costing $338,350.
    • 1.95% for additional Town staff, with salary costs of $725,405.
    • 0.24% in principle for the Community Improvement Program, pending further reports on grants and the patio program.
  • Water and wastewater fees were also increased at a blended rate of 3.4%.
  • Council approved the $2,795,220 operating grant for the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library and Latcham Art Centre.

*This post has been updated to reflect amended numbers released by the Town on March 2nd.


Stouffville Budget Media Release

Stouffville Budget Media Release p2