• Enforcement cameras detect speed, photograph the offending vehicle’s license plate, submit the information to a centre in Toronto for processing, and the province issues a ticket to the vehicle owner.
  • Notification signage for an upcoming speed enforcement camera is erected at the planned site 90 days prior to install; it is then replaced by a road sign informing motorists of the operating camera.
  • With two additional cameras coming this year and plans to expand their program to 63 cameras by 2026, York Region staff estimate 15-20 tickets must be issued daily by each camera for full cost recovery—making site selection very important.
  • Stouffville is considering two municipal enforcement cameras for the 2024 budget, though the York Region program will place a camera on Ninth Line until March to serve the Glad Park school zone.
  • While York Region’s two year pilot program saw noticeable average speed reductions and a doubling of adherence to speed limits on regional roads, they required a $250,000 annual budget to operate and rotate a single camera. Are these enforcement cameras worth the costs?
*Images sourced from York Region’s presentation to Council
Stouffville Deployment