• Stouffville has released a comprehensive report detailing Council members’ compensation and expenses.
  • Mayor Iain Lovatt’s municipal salary amounted to $100,443.04, supplemented by $24,901.39 in benefits.
  • Mayor Lovatt also received a salary of $62,069.28 as Stouffville’s York Regional Council representative, covered by the Region, along with benefits totalling $14,108.53.
  • Each Councillor received a salary of $49,842.60, accompanied by benefits ranging from $13,528.44 to $16,918.42.
  • Those benefits encompass the employer’s share of statutory, pension, and group insurance benefits, including health and dental coverage.
  • All Council members, Mayor Lovatt included, are also granted a $9,000 car allowance.
  • Public relations expenses decreased by nearly $7,000 in 2023, totalling $23,433.30:
    • Mayor Lovatt spent $13,321.23
    • Councillor Maurice Smith spent $3,023.48
    • Councillor Rick Upton spent $2,948.52
    • Councillor Hugo Kroon spent $1,570.62
    • Councillor Sue Sherban spent $1,449.87
    • Councillor Keith Acton spent $1,015.34
    • Councillor Richard Bartley spent $104.24


Although Council salaries increased from 2022, the rise remained below the rate of inflation. Councillors received a pay increase of $929, equating to 1.9%, while Mayor Lovatt’s municipal salary grew by just over 2%, or $1,849.29. Council members’ $9,000 car allowances remained unchanged from the previous year.

Total Council remuneration, inclusive of Mayor Lovatt’s Regional salary and benefits, amounted to $656,112.45. His Regional salary saw an increase below the rate of inflation, totalling $1,250.39. Councillor Bartley also received a $1,000 stipend for serving as Stouffville’s alternate Regional Council representative.

Excluding the Mayor’s Regional pay and benefits, Council members’ 2023 remuneration and expenses incurred total costs of $603,367.94 for the Town. While this was $54,371.88 lower compared to the previous year, 2022 included a $57,931.06 retirement allowance for departing Councillor Ken Ferdinands.

With Ferdinands’ retirement allowance removed from consideration, 2023 remuneration and expenses covered by the Town increased by just $3,559.18 over 2022.