• Mayor Lovatt’s 2022 municipal salary was $98,593.75 with $23,635.67 in benefits
  • Mayor Lovatt’s Regional salary was $60,818.89 with $13,555.32 in benefits, both of which were not included in our totals.
  • Annual Councillor pay for 2022 was $48,913.55 pro-rated to time spent on Council, with benefits maxing at $16,559.68.
  • The Mayor and Councillors spent over $30,000 in covered public relations expenses.
    • Mayor Lovatt spent over $18,000
    • Councillor Upton spent just under $4,000
    • Councillor Smith spent over $2,300
    • The remaining Council members spent less than $1,600
  • The Mayor and Councillors have a $9,000 car allowance that is also pro-rated to their time spent on Council.
  • Councillor Ferdinands also received $57,931.06 in retirement allowance and a $1,000 stipend for serving as Stouffville’s alternate Regional Council member.
  • On top of this, Members of the Committee of Adjustment and Appeals Committee received a total of $5,019.85 in remuneration and expenses coverage.

*Tables sourced from Attachments 1 and 2 from Report FTS-004-23

Stouffville FTS-004-23 Attachment 1

Stouffville FTS-004-23 Attachment 2