• “Streaming” or the sorting of students into various academic levels based on aptitude and interest has been used for decades in Ontario.
  • Previously, students in the Applied stream would head to college or trade school, those in the Advanced to university.
  • Applied level of instruction has been abolished to eliminate identity-based disproportionalities.
  • No information was provided on how the previous system was failing students and why it needed to be changed.
  • When asked, Trustee Melanie Wright provided the following comment to Bullet Point News:
    • “The goal of de-streaming in YRDSB is the elimination of identity-based disproportionalities in achievement, well-being, graduation, and post-secondary acceptance. By de-streaming specific courses in Grades 9 and 10, students and their families have additional time to understand pathways and to keep options open when choosing workplace, apprenticeship, college or university courses in Grades 11 and 12.”
  • Goals without evidence leave some Stouffville parents skeptical, confused and wanting more information.

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