• Stouffville-based RSG International, a leading road safety infrastructure and construction company, is beginning work on AI Partner, which will utilize artificial intelligence to assist in creating and understanding contract proposals in the construction industry.
  • If successful, AI Partner is expected to enhance employees’ understanding of complex documentation and contribute to training programs.
  • In addition to facilitating rapid contract analysis and employee onboarding, there is hope that the new tool will streamline bidding processes, potentially increasing the number of awarded contracts.
  • To achieve this, RSG International is collaborating with Burlington-based software engineers RedBit Development and QMIND, a Queen’s University undergraduate AI club.
  • “We hope to gain knowledge of how AI can affect our businesses and how we can leverage it to move faster and adapt to the ever-changing environment,” explained Elliot Steele, Vice President of Technology at RSG International, in a recent media release. “In addition, we’re looking to partner with Canadian firms to ensure this technology remains Canadian.”
  • RSG International has high expectations for the project and its potential impacts across the sector. “We’d like to show people that the construction industry is creative and innovative,” added Steele.
  • The team plans to showcase AI Partner at the Queen’s University Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence in March, 2024.

Photograph courtesy of RSG International and Powell Contracting