• Bullet Point News recently sat down with Stouffville resident, kindergarten teacher, and Creative Beginning founder Christina Collura about Autism Awareness Month.
  • “[Autism Awareness Month] is a time to really sit down and accept the differences and the accommodations that are required to work with children and adults with special needs,” Collura said.
  • “There shouldn’t be a negative connotation with someone on the spectrum,” Collura continued. “We can all teach diversity and inclusion with children both on and off the spectrum.”
  • Collura highlighted the importance of identifying strengths and working with them. Then, she says, “let them jump right in.”
  • Asked how local businesses and organizations can help support those on the Autism spectrum, Collura explained that granting even the smallest opportunity goes a long way.
  • “Building that confidence, building that inclusion and that diversity, it’s vital to recognizing that they are more capable than we realize.”

Check out our full interview with Christina below