• As of April 3, 2023, a combined $13.435 million is owed from 1,245 delinquent tax accounts.
  • 185 of these accounts are currently eligible for Tax Sale, wherein the Town may sell property to collect outstanding taxes.
  • “Municipal Tax Sale is the last resort to clearing unpaid taxes,” the report explains.
  • The multi-year Tax Sale process grants property owners ample time and opportunity pay what is owed prior to any sale.
  • To accommodate collections, negotiations, and other receivables, Staff are recommending the Town hire a full-time Collections Clerk.
  • Dependant on Council approval, this unbudgeted position would come with an annual salary of $53,028 – $64,516.
  • With collections recommencing following a multi-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Staff will report back to Council on their progress in April, 2024.

Stouffville Outstanding Taxes Table