• On March 1st, Council will debate Stouffville’s 2023 budget and decide on necessary tax increases.
  • Regarding a base budget increase of 2.94%, Staff referenced inflation costs, correcting COVID-19 budgetary pressures, cost of living adjustments for staff, and reducing reliance on reserves to fund operations.
  • Council will also debate reinstating the 3% capital levy to boost low capital reserves and a 0.91% increase to fund cost of living adjustments for non-unionized staff.
  • With numerous projects in need of funding, Staff noted many will have to be deferred without the 3% dedicated capital levy.
  • Council will also decide on a $1 million list of strategic initiatives requiring an additional 2.67% increase if supported in full.
  • “This is one of the most important budgets we’ve faced,” Councillor Hugo Kroon explained to Bullet Point News. “It’s a challenge, lots to do and lots to pay for to maintain the services and standards our residents expect…But we will do our best to maintain affordability and be as respectful as we can with the taxpayers’ money.”

Stouffville Budget