• Tiziana Baccega Rosa, Senior Media Relations Advisor for Hydro One, responded to inquiries from Bullet Point News with outage data and recent local investments, which include:
    • Replacing 100 aged wood poles.
    • Installing a new line tie along Aurora Rd. linking multiple lines to boost redundancy with two more tie lines coming over the next three years.
    • Updating transformers at the Ringwood and 10th Line Distribution Stations.
    • Adding 13 smart grid devices, seven already installed, to help crews quickly locate outage causes and improve restoration time.
    • Less intensive but more regular maintenance to ensure trees do not impact power lines.
    • Line patrols and thermal scanning to identify problems before they lead to outages.
  • The first data table below shows some outage improvements within Stouffville’s boundaries.
  • While Hydro One outages within Stouffville’s boundaries appear less impactful vs. what’s faced across their entire service area, a 2021 Ontario Energy Board analysis included below shows that Hydro One lags behind power utilities in surrounding municipalities.

Table 1 Outages

Table 2-1 Outages