• Stouffville resident Dannielle Rodrigues has been raising awareness of her mom Lucy’s need for a living kidney donor.
  • The love that Dannielle’s dad has for Lucy moves him to wear a sandwich board that says “Need ‘O’ Kidney for Wife 647-227-5554”.
  • Any adult with O- or O+ blood type (46% of Canadians) can be the donor Lucy needs.
  • There is no upper age limit to being a living organ donor.
  • A potential donor undergoes several tests to ensure it is safe for them to be a donor.
  • Screening is done at the Toronto General Hospital, which has just been rated one of the top five hospitals for the fourth year in a row.
  • When a person donates, the remaining kidney significantly increases in size and does the work of two kidneys.
  • Dannielle is sustained by hope and support from the community, and firmly believes there will be a donor to help her mom.

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