• Last May, York Region established rules only permitting off-leash dogs in the Davis Drive Forest tract.
  • The 12 other Regional Forest tracts within Stouffville’s boundaries now require dogs be on-leash.
  • A concluding pilot project saw enforcement conducted by Stouffville’s Animal Services officers with all costs covered by the Region.
  • Roughly 48 man-hours are assigned to Forest tract patrols per month, or one to two shifts per week.
  • “Hours spent on these Forest Tract patrols do not detract from conventional Animal Services duties elsewhere,” Town Staff told Bullet Point News. “[They] are in addition to the Town’s Animal Services schedule.”
  • The pilot proved successful in month-over-month reductions of off-leash dogs where not allowed, and a decline in related incidents followed.
  • “Residents have reported being thankful that one tracts remains available [for off-leash dog walking],” the Staff report noted. “They can walk their dog…without being harassed by other residents who do not wish to see dogs off-leash.”
  • Staff are recommending Council endorse a formal, ongoing agreement with the Region to continue this program at their meeting on Wednesday.
*Map sourced from Attachment 1 of Staff report CAO-003-23
Forest Stouffville map