• Three separate car theft attempts were made in one month at the same Hoover Park home.
  • York Region Police Constable Maniva Armstrong told Bullet Point News that no suspect(s) have been identified at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.
  • “I have no information to suggest one particular neighbourhood is a target,” says Armstrong.
  • Armstrong offered the following safety tips to help prevent car thefts:
    – Call police immediately to report suspicious people or activity.
    – Park your vehicle in a locked garage if possible, as most vehicles are stolen from driveways.
    – Use a steering wheel lock. It will also act as a visible deterrent.
    – Install a lock on the data port to prevent thieves from gaining access to your car’s computer and reprogramming keys. They can be purchased online.
    – Inspect your vehicle regularly and call police if you notice any potential tracking devices.
    – Quality, unobstructed video surveillance can act as a deterrent and help identify suspects.
    – Turn on exterior lighting to help deter thefts and illuminate potential suspects.

Watch the footage from the car theft attempts by clicking on the image below