• Council has approved the addition of a new pedestrian crossover (PXO) on Main Street—east of the GO station between Freel and Lloyd Street—to the 2023 Draft Capital Budget.
  • The 2023 Draft Capital Budget will be deliberated on March 1st. If approved, the project will begin shortly after with a completion timeline of roughly six months.
  • The selected location will see the removal of seven Main Street parking spots with plans to reduce that impact during the Main Street Reconstruction Project.
  • Expected cost is $125,400 with little additional expense to maintain the crossing through Main Street Reconstruction.
  • Two additional Main Street pedestrian crossings are being considered as part of the Reconstruction project: one just east of O’Brien and one just west of Church.
  • With an abundance of jaywalking occurring on Main Street, as well as dangerous conditions for crossing pedestrians and GO riders during the evening rush, this should significantly improve safety. But will people use it?
*Images sourced from Stouffville Staff Report No. PW-001-23
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