• Shari Tallon, a musician residing in the Musselman’s Lake area, joined Bullet Point News this week to discuss her involvement in a charitable project aimed at raising awareness of the GTA’s growing homelessness crisis.
  • The project, titled “The Forgotten Homeless,” is a single written by Toronto-based singer and songwriter Richard Todd.
  • Teaming up with WoodGreen Community Services, Todd brought together Tallon and 11 other indie artists to record the track.
  • All royalties will be donated to WoodGreen’s UNMET Needs campaign, which provides crucial support to Toronto’s most vulnerable residents while working to create positive social change.
  • The song can be viewed on YouTube here and is also available on Spotify.


“This is such a huge issue in Toronto and even Stouffville,” Tallon shared. “We’re trying to bring light to this charity that’s working so hard to help people on the street, especially in the wintertime.”

Toronto’s City Council recently declared homelessness an emergency, estimating that over 10,000 people are currently unhoused in the city. Growing housing costs have exacerbated the situation, and Tallon noted that funds raised from the project will, in part, support affordable housing solutions.

“Homelessness can happen to anybody…as people’s experiences can be very challenging,” she emphasized. “I think it’s really important for people to understand that this is a huge issue due to the expenses of living in the GTA.”

Tallon praised the creative process that resulted in such a powerful song and video. “I always say that creativity brings problem-solving, teamwork, and cooperation,” she explained. “It was such a wonderful experience as a Musselman’s Lake resident.”

Tallon, also a pianist, flutist, and composer, teaches music in Stouffville. She’s passionate about the value that comes from playing music, and residents can learn more about her and her work on her website.