• Bullet Point News interviewed Shawn Hook, Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, who is performing at the Stouffville Holiday Market on Sat. Nov. 26, 8:30 pm
  • His highest charting single “Sound of Your Heart”, was featured in promotional commercials for Season 20 of “The Bachelor”
  • Shawn’s single “Reminding Me” featuring Vanessa Hudgens, was performed on the season 14 finale of “So You Think You Can Dance”
  • Shawn supports different charities; as a singer he has a platform to an audience which he leverages to support the causes that are important to him. He said: “If anyone’s listening to this, and they want me to amplify anything that they’re trying to get out there. Please reach out.”
  • To young people who want a similar career, he advises “Putting the phone away, focusing on the fundamentals” of vocal lessons for a singer or piano lessons for a pianist.
  • “The most successful people in any field of work that I’ve come in touch with … are super hungry, dedicated, and driven … if you do it consistently every single day, eventually you’ll break through and make progress and find success.”

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Shawn Hook Stouffville