• To accommodate maintenance and construction work on the Stouffville GO line, Metrolinx is replacing all weekend and off-peak weekday train service with buses starting April 8.
  • On weekday mornings, the last train leaving Old Elm GO will be at 9:17am.
  • On weekday afternoons and evenings, the first train leaving Union Station departs at 3:13pm and the last train will leave at 7:13pm.
  • Some trains may require shorter consists as Metrolinx shuffles resources during this period of decreased service.
  • Replacement bus service will not stop at Milliken, Agincourt or Kennedy GO stations.
  • Schedules will be adjusted to reflect this change in service, with minor changes possible for some departure times.
  • Metrolinx does not yet have an estimated conclusion date for this replacement bus service.
  • Schedules can be found here, and transit users looking to reach Milliken, Agincourt or Kennedy during off-peak hours can find local service options here.

ST Line Graphic Final Stouffville