• Hundreds of comments were posted on social media regarding the Main and Ninth development proposal.
  • An abundance of outreach followed on how to formally participate and comment on the proposal, coming from community members, Mayor Lovatt, and Bullet Point News.
  • At Council today, not one resident spoke to the proposal; only one community member submitted written correspondence.
  • Mayor Lovatt and Councillor Sherban both commented passionately on the importance of participating in the process.
Councillor Sherban:
  • “Don’t just jump on social media. Please consider being involved [at Council meetings]…or even just writing Development Services with your concerns.”
  • “It’s not just Council who listens…Staff in Development Services need to hear from you. It helps them make better decisions…when meeting with developers.”
  • “When we’re gone in four years, and there’s staff still here, they are the ones who know the legacy of the town’s interests and how we all want to see the community developed.”
Mayor Lovatt:
  • “Members of the public: you need to get involved…It is so important…for every development application.”
  • “The proponent isn’t on Facebook…There is a formal process that has to take place…Facebook doesn’t count, Facebook comments are not on the record. “
  • “When a proponent brings a vision, they’re working within policy. But they need to hear what our vision is…If you aren’t here to share your vision, they aren’t going to hear it.”