• On May 18, St. Katharine Drexel Catholic High School principal Dan Bruni updated the community on the new York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) Multi-Use Facility on Ninth Line.
  • Approximately 200 parents, students, and YCDSB staff filled the St. Mark CES gym for the meeting.
  • Funding for the new facility was secured in 2016; however, the project has faced delays due to the pandemic. The planned September 2023 opening has been pushed back to early 2024.
  • While parents seemed pleased with the St. Katharine Drexel crest, mascot, and uniforms, some voiced ongoing concerns and unhappiness over the delays, student transition plan, and lack of busing.
  • During the transition period, students of the future school will be placed together in temporary classrooms at St. Brendan and St. Mark.
  • Speaking to unhappy audience members, YCDSB Trustee Elizabeth Crowe said she is “hopeful” students will be moving into the new facility after Christmas break.
  • “All of our kids have to go through this [transition], and we get ‘hopeful?'” a parent indignantly retorted, while others mentioned consideration of moving their kids to the YRDSB.
  • The room seemed divided, however, with many parents asserting that a vocal minority was addressing the situation with such fervent unhappiness.
  • Luisa Amabile, a local parent and advocate who played a major role in securing funding for the new school, chooses to look at the positive side.
  • “As parents, we want what’s best for our children and I respect that,” Amabile told Bullet Point News. “But I feel this is the best decision the Board made with what they were faced with, and it will have the least amount of disruption.”
  • Another parent suggested kids understand the situation and are OK with the temporary transition period. “Has anyone actually spoken to their children about this?” they asked in response to angry parents.
  • “This school is a great opportunity coming to our small town, and you better believe I’m excited and will embrace it,” Amabile added. “I also have the utmost confidence that Mr. Bruni, the administration staff, educators, and YCDSB are going to make this the best experience for our children.”

St Katharine Stouffville


St. Katharine Stouffville