• OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) report advises against streaming students at the beginning of secondary education.
  • Ministry of Education says streaming negatively affects students of specific identities.
  • In particular our indigenous, black, those from low-income households, disabled, and students with other special education needs are particularly affected according to the report.
  • Report mentions that streaming leads to inequitable academic outcomes, achievement gaps, lower graduation rates, and reduced long-term financial success between the two cohorts.
  • The OECD is a think tank of mostly rich countries.
  • Report specifically refers to “streaming” eight times.
  • “Streaming in early secondary school has significant negative and long-term impacts on students who are placed in ‘lower’ streams while having little or no benefit for ‘higher achieving’ students.” – OECD Report.

OECD. Equity and Quality in Education